The scope of our core business mainly covers the purchase and sale of oil, gas and petrochemical products.
Darvishi Holding emphasizes more rigidly on following areas of activities:
• Supplying oil & petrochemical products required by the customers all around the world
• Purchase of oil & petrochemical products required by the All markets and private sectors
• Purchase and swap of oil products
• Transit arrangements for Oil products

our services

  • Technical Services

    Technical Services GLAMOUR GT KIMYA LIMITED COMPANY Engineering and Design Unit is able to provide a wide range of technical and engineering services based on the ability of experienced and experienced consultants in designing and delivering engineering services for oil, gas, petrochemical and basic industries industries.

  • Executive services

    Undoubtedly, Operations Management is the basis for the success of EPC projects (engineering, logistics, construction). Accordingly, GLAMOR GT KIMYA LIMITED SIRKETI, with its experienced and experienced experts and experienced executives, while carefully controlling the progress of the project according to the scheduled schedule, operates beyond its official functions.

  • Business Services

    Nowadays, the supply chain of commodities and raw materials of the industries is an essential element in providing services to the respectable consumers of this sector, in which consumers are always demanding the supply of consumer goods of good quality and at the right price in the shortest possible time and continuously.

About us

The comprehensive GLAMOUR GT KIMYA LIMITED COMPANY Bank has been formed on the basis of several months of scientific studies and the Strategic Committee has been continually monitoring the process and implementing new ideas to improve communication with the audience. According to a program that is announced every 6 months, the facilities and services of the site will be added. This set is quite dynamic despite previous assemblies, and varies according to the new economic and industrial conditions of the country